“We don’t sell you the most expensive one.

We assist you to invest in the most valuable one.”

Gaudi Agathon

Managing Director Agathon Property


Dear Fellow Property Buyer & Investor,


Hi, I am Gaudi Agathon & thank you for visiting us. Let us get to know each other, it will just take you less than 10 minutes.

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Started in 2014

Agathon Property began operating in Jakarta in 2014, whereas our Sydney representative office opened its door in 2016.

The initiator of Agathon Property is my beloved father Nathan Agathon & myself.

When we started in 2014, we were a sub-agent. We had to go through big agents to sell new properties launched in the market.

As we grew our performance, big reputable developers started to work with us directly in 2018.


This is what Agathon can do for you …

Our company mission is simple …

… to help you find the best suitable property based on your need & necessary wants.

You may need it for:

  • your lovely family, or even more than that,
  • generating cash-rich passive income.

Thousands of properties come on the platter when you decide to search for them.

What next comes to you is not more clarity, but more confusion.

Let me give you an example of our overseas clients.

At the time of buying property for their kids during studies period, virtually nobody is helping them.

This is where Agathon comes into the picture.

We help our overseas clients to:

  • select
  • assist smoothly in the purchasing process
  • hand over, and even more …
  • moving & settling the kids in the house.

We act as your guide, as your trusted advisor, to pave the way to the few best choices & finally land you to the finest property.

As a matter of fact, we never try to sell you the most expensive one, but assist you to invest in the most valuable one, based on your requirements.

Now, the next big thing …

If you are an investor looking for lucrative residual income, we have an insight that may 3x your income.

Instead of buying one big property in a large sum, you can divide the sum into 3 & get 3 properties.

Then … let the rental income pay back your investment in a relatively short period.

Moreover, we are also on purpose to enrich investors with the correct mindset & strategies on real estate investment.


Who are our clients …?

Our main clients are from overseas who are intending to invest in Australian property for:

  • their children during the study period in university
  • getting cash-rich passive income in a safe-haven growing country

Right now, we are also serving a large number of local Australian clients who are mostly finding their family dream house.


A short flashback

You may be wondering how our company exists & the story about it.

Let us tell you our humble beginning.

It all began in 1990.

My father was invited by one of his friends in Australia to invest in property.

So, then they formed a company & bought the property together with 50-50 shareholding.

After learning the business traits of buying & selling property, they realized that it is something that they can rely on to make it the main business.

The profit may just be moderate but they can count on, as long they stick to the regulation.

Moving forward, the company started to invest in land, houses & commercial properties. Some properties were kept for a certain period until they got value increment, the commercial properties were given on rent.

Thereafter, comes the turning point …

The company bought 2 (two) blocks of land in eastern suburb Maroubra, Sydney & turn it into a small townhouse of 10 units.

That’s the first time that we worked bigger by raising everything from the ground up – working with architects, construction companies & banks.

Soon, we made another big breakthrough …

Our company invested in a real estate development company.

That developer constructed an apartment that we marketed in Indonesia. At the time of launching in Jakarta in 2001, 70% were sold on the spot.

At that moment, we realized that there is a significant interest in Indonesia for property investment in Australia.


Continue to thrive in the property business

From here on, we continued to thrive in the property business, positioned ourselves as a real estate advisor, not just a real estate agent.

As a real estate advisor, first, we understand the need, then only fulfill the demand.

This is the value that we seed inside our company, this value makes us grow since the humble beginning of 1990.


To Your Investment Success,

Gaudi Agathon

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