Aqualuna Residences

Developed by Colliers International

30 Alfred Street S,
Milsons Point NSW 2061 Australia

Aqualuna captures the allure of living alongside the most beautiful harbour in the world, in an iconic residence that speaks to the calm, timeless nature of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Rippling curves mirror the surrounding harbour and unique details that play on the ever-changing light and colour, from early morning to evening. Koichi Takada


The Detail Inside

Designed to make the most of every corner aspect, the sophisticated interiors of Aqualuna’s residences evoke a timeless luxury, with intuitive details providing elegant comfort. In the soft, organic curves lie touches of the natural beauty of the harbour.

Nothing goes unnoticed in Koichi Takada’s designs. They all embody his philosophy of simple lines and expressive materials, and his signature curved organic forms. This soft, sensitive palette creates a canvas for your own story and style.


Your Sanctuary

At Aqualuna, you are in a world of your own. It’s the calm sister to Sydney’s frantic city.


Bespoke Kitchen

Harbour light is echoed through the golden hues and natural textures of bespoke kitchens. Lighting architecturally designed for the way you live to enhance all design elements.


Opulent Bathroom

Reflect in the soft glow and curve of your opulent penthouse bathroom. Enjoy the simple rituals of every day in absolute luxury. Specialised lighting detail crafted with elegant proportion.


A   P L A C E   O F   W O N D E R

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