Savana Estate

Developed by VEST BUILD

23 Brightvale Bvd,
Wyndham VIC 3024 Australia

The Vestbuild brand is based on four key principles: Design, Quality, Technology and Service. We continuously invest in our workers, our business and the latest technologies with revolutionary new systems available only through Vestbuild. Our homes stand out from the rest like our core values and are underpinned by our detailed focus on quality and the importance we put on making the home ownership journey with our brands memorable.


Landscaping is not a standard item for most builders but it is with Vestbuild. What is the point of building a beautiful home if you don’t have it finished off properly or looking great at the end? This is why we engage landscape designers and specialists to design the perfect looking low maintenance gardens for our homes. Our gardens include a great mixture of materials, mature plants and are all finished off with fencing surrounding the beautiful gardens.



We put just as much thought, to the external and façade of the home as we do to the inside of your home. This is because we want that first impression to be unforgettable. Our designers carefully select the best combination of colours and materials to make sure your home stands out in the street and makes lasting impressions.



Our architects ensure that spaces make sense and rooms and sections of the living area complement and flow within each other. The right lighting, air, quality inclusions, colour themes are chosen to create comfort and durability is our main focus to ensure your home always looks great.



Our kitchens are architecturally designed using the most stylish design principles, and interior designers that select our high quality brand appliances. These will not only look great, but are also highly functional, making the fixtures for your home luxurious and without compromise.



Our designers spend a lot of time and effort to make our homes look great, feel like a home and be practical to everyday life. The bathrooms and ensuite in your home are one of the most important everyday areas and we have made sure that we have included all of the luxurious fixtures and fittings that you deserve to enjoy everyday.


T H E   V E S T B U I L D   D I F F E R E N C E

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